WHOCERTA UTILITIES LIMITED was founded with the demand for a very high quality; pipeline integrated solution, which has its services involved from the conception of a project to its actualization.

Certa Utilities Ltd is dedicated to providing technology and electronically –based security solutions to the ever increasing safety and security needs of our Corporate Clients. Partnering value engineering  at design stage; along with competitive tendering and good delivery of perfect services, in the area of integrated Pipeline Systems  Solutions , Pipeline Corrosion Control ,NDT testing for pipes,Engineering,Civil, Procurement ,Facility maintenance and Inspection ,Asset Integrity Management Services, Oil and Gas Majors and Energy sectors, Certa has developed an environmental Management strategy with an outstanding –experienced  foreign technocrats, whose experience ,Technical and Management prowess is to achieve the Global standard in Services.

Our founders are driven by one-factor TECHNOLOGY.A major milestone in this transformational partnership was the acquisition of the latest construction equipment’s as well as the appointment of seasoned managers to key positions. A Reward based-system was put in place to provide more effective incentive for dynamic and outstanding performance in the company’s set projects.

The company renders highly rated, first class and effective services to both individual and corporate bodies under varied economic situation.

Our response time to clients need, dedication to duty and team/individual work are well harnessed to fullest and effectiveness in project actualization.

We effectively and professionally organize the designs, supervision, monitoring, and management of our client’s project in any of the units enumerated above.




The Hallmark of CERTA UTILITIES LIMITED is Quality Performance and Excellence. Having its tentacles covering the length and breadth of Integrated Pipeline Systems Solution and Environmental Management.




We seek to transform our environment to a haven with the most required technicality, high quality and expertise performance to bring joy to the faces of our clients and leave a legacy for posterity.



CERTA UTILITIES LIMITED is committed to bridging engineering and technological gaps through the provisioning of world –class risk management and integrity management software solutions for pipeline laying, maintenance, and protection.Our Technology enables our clients to optimize monitoring and mitigation strategies that help them continuously improve the safety and reliability of their pipeline system assets.While ensuring compliance is an absolute minimum requirement; these solutions leverage valuable data and information to effectively and efficiently manage risk, to improve operations, and to allocate resources all in a defensible manner.Our System help to fully integrate, analyze, mine and visualize data and information related to integrity management.it can access, align and integrate disconnected data within an organization.This integration provides a single source of truth and the knowledge for risk-based decision making.

Our risk models and integrity management software components come with much “out-of-the-box” capability and are fully configurable to ensure compliance with federal and local pipeline safety regulations as well as to meet the unique needs of an organization.

CERTA has the most experience in using different methods of trenchless technologies, and we can recommend the correct repair method for the pipeline in question.

CERTA is able to offer substantial savings over traditional methods of pipeline repair, as the need for digging and replacement of damaged pipelines is replaced by modern technology. Time frames are also significantly shortened, thereby minimizing costly disruptions. 



Experience is an essential reference for reliable service in the project business.Certa Utilities Limited capacity to deliver the best possible solutions to a client is strengthen by our strategic experience.

Our alliance partners in the area of our concentration has enabled our profound success so far and in handing most difficult project solutions. Based on the know –how obtained from our close involvement with some major tasking projects that we have executed in the past, we have drawn strength and experience to a place of perfection and uninterrupted quality standard and we know the secret of a successful project.

Therefore, we make every effort to provide our clients with this know –how.it is our task to create values to recognize the individual needs of our client and help them realize their Goals.



With our extensive abilities and experience in many fields, we bring our capabilities together to deliver the largest and most complex projects.We seek to attract the best people to win the most interesting and challenging project from the best customers and develop the most excellent relationships. 

In taking our business forward, we aim to:-

Construct on our core competence in the area of Integrated Pipeline System Services and environmental management.

Develop, Implement and operate on the projects.

A full range of services coupled with our technical know-how, which ensures quality standard for our clients.

Combine the best skills and local knowledge to provide high value services.

Joint effort and strength drawn from Global Networking of experienced expertise with sophisticated machineries.



CERTA’s reputable clients include SHELL, MOBIL, NNPC/PPMC, NPDC, EXXON-MOBIL, BREDERO, to mention but a few.



Our success lies on our capacity to sustain consumer confidence and to sufficiently satisfy ever –changing customer preferences. We aim at achieving global standard best practice through innovative and responsive operational decisions, use of emerging technologies while improving our service delivery processes.



CERTA UTILITIES LIMITED team of experts guarantees the successful project development of design, Pipeline Systems Solution Services, Engineering Consultancy, Pipeline Security, Environmental Management, Procurement  and Maintenance which includes:

•Team management 

•Master plans 

•Operational organization planning 

•Strategic data processing 

•Planning for the implementation of Service requirement with Global Network Standard.

•Personnel planning, development, and training 

•Quality management 

•Costing and material Assessment.



CERTA UTILITIES LIMITED is committed to becoming a good corporate citizen in all the places it operates.We will maintain the highest ethical standards, obey all applicable laws and regulations, and respect local and national cultures. Above all other objectives, we are dedicated to running safe and environmentally responsible operations.

While we maintain flexibility to adapt to changing conditions, the nature of our business requires a focused, long-term approach.We will consistently strive to improve efficiency and productivity through learning, sharing and implementing best practices. We will be disciplined and selective in evaluating the range of capital investment opportunities available to us. We will seek to develop proprietary technologies that provide a competitive edge.




At JBIS Integrated Resources Construction Limited, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) embodies an ardent commitment and social pact with all the stakeholders. We are committed to creating enduring partnership for sustainable development whilst adding significant value to the diverse communities where we operate.





CERTA UTILITIES LIMITED considers the quality of its Human resources as the single most important competitive edge. In order to build and leverage on this competitive advantage, it shall be the intention of CERTA   to hire and retain the most competent people available and optimize their performance through a well-defined capacity for success through training and development programs. We are committed to promoting diversity and inclusiveness in our operations, supported by an open communication, trust, and fair treatment.




Management commitment and leadership is the foundation on which a successful HSE. Management system is built. The aim is to establish the management of HSE as a core value amongst CERTA UTILITIES LIMITED personnel.

CERTA UTILITIES LIMITED Management provides strong, visible leadership and commitment to promote a culture in which all employees share the commitment to HSE and contribution towards sustainable development. Management demonstrates a leading role in working for constant improvement through clear direction and action planning.

Leadership commitment in CERTA UTILITIES LIMITED is demonstration in many ways. These include;

  • Setting a personal example in day to day work
  • Providing a positive lead by active and visible participation in HSE activities including HSE committees, workshops meetings, and incident investigation;
  • Establishing the CERTA UTILITIES LIMITED HSE-MS and requiring its implementation through the whole organization, especially on site location;
  • Providing resources for the effective implementation of HSE management in accordance with the HSE policy and commitment, the HSE-MS and subsequent plans;
  • Assessing the effectiveness of management by regular audits, reviews, and analyses;
  • Taking corrective actions when deficiencies are identified in HSE  management system.
  • Recognizing and rewarding performance when objectives are achieved;
  • Providing guidance and support to the organization by setting strategic HSE objectives and targets and regularly reviewing them.



To enhance continuous Improvement, CERTA UTILITIES LIMITED management teams monitor the HSE performance indicators to understand where targets are being met or gaps exist.it also defines what competence level is required to fill such gaps. Corrective measures can then be implemented as required.

The prime tool used in monitoring the performance  CERTA UTILITIES LIMITED are the agreed set of HSE key performance indicator and the annual performance reviews conducted by members of the management and projects team against the HSE-MS elements.

The key performance indicator which is defined by the HSE management teams is used in CERTA. Monitoring HSE performance can be measured in two ways; proactive performance and reactive performance.

Proactive performance is measured by looking at how many of the HSE management system elements are in place and achieving their management objective e.g. a system for job competency definition and assessment, audit follows up status etc. 

Reactive measurement of performance is carried out looking at incidents including near –misses and monitoring them with the objective of managing them to zero.

Incidents and near-misses shall be promptly reported, recorded and investigated. This shall include safety related incidents, but also sickness absenteeism, environmental spills, emission to air following appropriate reporting procedure. This shall be subsequently ranked to determine its severity and risk effect in the risk assessment matrix. 


Lagos Office: 12B Chief Collins Uchidino Street Lekki Lagos

Abuja Office: Plot 655 Franca Afegbua Crescent, Apo Abuja
Port Harcourt Office: 100A Bimkol close, GRA Phase II Port Harcourt Rivers state.


About Us

CERTA UTILITIES LIMITED was founded with the demand for a very high quality; pipeline integrated solution, which has its services involved from the conception of a project to its actualization.