Our oil and gas security experts at Certa provide security for upstream, midstream, and downstream companies in the oil and gas industry. Our company regularly provides security management and resources for oil and gas companies when they are laying new pipe, doing maintenance on pipe, or when there is a leak or oil spill. 

   We also serve downstream companies during both the construction and active stages. For downstream projects, we provide on-site security, guard management, law enforcement liaison, and traffic control services, 24/7. Our services include security for pipeline, pipe yards, refineries, right of ways, and more.



Certa Utilities Limited with its partners specializes in securing asset integrity monitoring solutions using Fiber Optic technology in Pipeline Surveillance and Leak Detection along with Power cable monitoring. Pipelines are essential to the energy supply chain and the monitoring of their integrity has become a major task of the pipeline operators and this must be done in order to avoid escalating costs and damage. Our long-range, continuous monitoring systems provide pinpoint accuracy, identifying early incidents in real time and mitigating the consequences of delay.

Our Intrusion Detection Systems provide optimum real-time monitoring of critical infrastructures such as Power Plants, chemical and oil refineries, oil tanks, well heads, pipelines and other high risk-facilities. We can provide
- Real-time monitoring
- Discrete detection
- Optimum monitoring of acoustic disruptions
- Accurately alarms upon any detection of tampering/breaching
- Ultra-sensitive, ultra-precise alternative to conventional systems



We offer comprehensive solution for pipeline inspection and integrity by deploying DAS and UAV for effective monitoring and protection. Our systems are designed to detect tampering, illegal tapping, or third party encroachment across hundreds of miles of remote pipeline, well heads, oil tanks and other high risk facilities. The all-in-one fiber optic sensing cables offer a distinct advantage over conventional patrolling, with the ability to monitor in real-time and detect unusual acoustic activity related to walking, digging, hot tapping, Construction work, third party intrusion and Corrosion within seconds. This acoustic sensitivity also allows for superior detection of flow leaks in pipeline. The sensor is able to detect the acoustic energy of a small leak with much greater precision than conventional flow metering, enabling fast remedial action before large-scale environmental damage and hazardous conditions prevail.

We always complement our pipeline monitoring activities with our long range UAV or drone to fly to the exact location for aerial inspection using FLIR camera for leak detection and intrusion detection confirmation with the capabilities to transmit high-resolution live video, making it possible to conduct more frequent pipeline inspection missions. The additional information obtained from our UAV will confirm the presence of vandals or oil thieves and will help to notify promptly the security agents. These threats, if undetected, can lead to pipeline failures with catastrophic consequences to people, communities, the environment, as well as to reputations and profits. We can help detect these threats at their earliest stage, enabling the operator act quickly to mitigate their effects.

Our solution provide the capability to monitor the entire downstream process 24/7 and identifies leakages down to the exact location of the incident, even in hazardous environments such as swamp location. The systems continuously monitor the pipeline, along its entire distance, using fiber optic sensing cables. Very small variations in temperature, strain and sound are located with meter accuracy, analyzed and classified as anomalies or threats. This allows operators to anticipate failures at a very early stage and avoid the huge costs associated to pipeline failures.


Detection of leakages is performed through continuous monitoring of local temperature variations around the pipeline. Detection limits as small as 10ml/min.


Third party intrusion, works in construction, digging activities on buried pipeline are very early threats leading to potential pipeline failure. Those threats can be precisely detected, classified and located before any damage is done to the pipeline.
Our DAS technology and drone can be used to monitor your company┬┤s pipelines adding that this would ensure that security agencies were notified promptly anytime vandals were about breaking the pipes to steal the oil.


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About Us

CERTA UTILITIES LIMITED was founded with the demand for a very high quality; pipeline integrated solution, which has its services involved from the conception of a project to its actualization.